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As physiotherapists, we deal with people suffering from back pain on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of those individuals lost hope and are convinced they will be living with their pain for the rest of their lives. Even worse, some believe it is normal to experience back pain after 40. This is completely FALSE!

If you’ve already tried medication or different therapies without success, please know it is not the end of the story! Most of the time, a modification in your lifestyle or activity level can be THE decisive factor in the treatment of your back pain!

If you suffer from back pain, know that there is ALWAYS something that can be done to ease your symptoms! Unfortunately, a lot of people hope their pain will disappear overnight (without being convinced, let's be honest!). Rest is not the solution, and I can guaranty that waiting will not resolve your problem (it can do the opposite actually!).

If you suffer from back pain, being PROACTIVE is the only way to treat your condition in the long term. This is why we urge you to communicate with one of our professionals to help you make more informed decisions about your health.