Are we against “hands-on” therapy when it comes to fixing your back pain?

"Treatments such as massages, mobilizations, manipulations are certainly effective, but also have limitations.."

At Lombafit Studio, we focus on helping people living with back problems. This means that we are committed to providing the best possible care to get your back better.Since we focus primarily on therapeutic exercises and education of our clients, many ask us why we do not do massages, mobilizations,..

Beware of back pain information online!

"While providing no benefit, sharing bad information can even have a detrimental effect on your back!"

When we wake up with back pain, one of the first things we do is (unfortunately) to consult Dr. Google to learn more about our condition. The problem is that 90% of the information shared online is of poor quality (Li et al., 2001, Butler et al., 2003). The main reason why is that authors of these w..

How to avoid back pain when you travel by plane

"You probably know that getting to your destination can sometimes be strenuous on your muscles and joints"

With the holiday season approaching, many people have already chosen their destination. Whether for tourism, visiting family or simply have a good time, the road to get there might be long and exhausting-and probably involves a plane! You probably know that getting to your destination can sometim..

Try those simple tips to ease your back pain while driving!

"Even more important than staying in motion while driving is to stay active in general!"

Most of us have to drive to work or to do ours groceries. Often, we have to travel long distances before reaching our destinations. Most of our clients complain of back pain that gets worse with driving for a long period. Although the cause is multi factorial and would require an exhaustive assessme..

Yoga: is it dangerous if I have back pain?

"Yet, although very low, there is a risk of injury when doing yoga."

When we think of yoga, we often imagine gentle movements-after all, there are no contacts or violent impacts on joints! With the recent rise in popularity of "therapeutic yoga", many have seen their back pain, muscle tension and joint stiffness decrease! Yet, although very low, there is a risk of in..